About Us

Years ago GAM was started as a newsletter. The purpose was to provide information regarding events and concerns–as well as a medium of expression for Lake Ontario sailors.

Even as the publication was coming together, GAM took on a life of its own. It spread into the St. Lawrence River area, then to the Maritimes and throughout Canada. The newsletter became a national magazine and the hobby of editing it a full-time career.

After many years and many issues, GAM’s purpose is still to provide a means of communication amongst Canadian sailors. As to be expected with just about any venture, growth has been by fits and starts, more or less in some years than others.

Recently we have experienced a surge of interest from eastern and western provinces. Readers tell us they want to see more material from their own regions. At the same time we are grateful for stories and information coming in from the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Alberta, Winnipeg, Ottawa, the Georgian Bay and elsewhere.

We are happily publishing these and look forward to more such communications, both for inclusion in GAM on Yachting Magazine and gamonyachting.com.

It’s our joy to print your thoughts, descriptions, adventures, directions, photographs, information and discussions that bring sailors in this blessed country together.