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GAM ON YACHTING is now a quarterly magazine.  Your target audience will find your Dockside ad listed online at and in the GAM ON YACHTING magazine mailed to subscribers.

Submit your  Dockside Ad now at Current schedule below.

Now until May 30, 2014 –  Online Listing Opportunity Now – for Spring 2015 Issue periodApril to June 30, 2015

Although the Spring 2015 GAM magazine issue has been published, we’ll publish your Dockside ad ONLINE without delay  through the Spring issue period to the end of June.

Beginning May 1, 2015 – Double Exposure Opportunity   – for Summer 2015 Issue period  – June 30 to August 31 2015. 

1.  Beginning May 1 to May 30, 2015  ads will be published online without delay and continue  for the Summer 2015 issue period, and…..

2. For no extra charge,  will also be published in the Spring issue of GAM MAGAZINE (mailed to subscribers in July)

$35 Dollars for 35 words ($0.50 for each additional word). $50 addition charge for photo submission.

Ready to place your ad?? Simple tricks to keep cost down.. Leave out the small words ie. the “a” or “the”. They cost as much money as the big ones. Join words together ie. 25 lb becomes 25lb or wind, depth and sound becomes wind/depth/sound. Keep it short and sweet – ie. This boat is sooo clean you could eat off the sole and it has also been well maintained — hmm, we’d suggest – Clean. Well Maintained. You get the picture. And if you just prefer to deal with a real person to submit your ad, we’ve got one of those too! Just give us a call 416-368-1559

***It is advisable to create a generic email address, such as gmail or hotmail, to avoid the possibility of unwanted emails reaching your regular email address. Also be vigilant about the possibility of fraudulent responses to your ad.  They’re out there and we have no control over them.

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 NOTE: For boat classifieds, make, model, size, year, price, contact name, email and phone number   each count as one word. For other non-boat classifieds, we accept a title up to 5 words long as well as the required fields contact name, email and phone number, each counting as one word in your submission. The description field will allow 27 words to be included in your 35 word submission, before applying additional word charges.